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Multi-Factor Authentication

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) is commonplace on banking apps and websites, so why not on self-storage? BearBox makes MFA straightforward with the BearBox keypad and apps, so that you can offer your customers the same level of security and reassurance that they expect from any third party protecting their property. Choose from a variety of different Multi-Factor Authentication combinations such as:

  • QR code & PIN
  • Fob & PIN
  • Numberplate & QR code

Numberplate recognition

Automatic numberplate recognition (ANPR) allows registered vehicles to automatically open gates. You can add managers' numberplates for easy access - and you can also add numberplates for customers renting a unit - straight from your unit rental software.

QR Solo

A lightning-fast, ultra-secure new way to log in or out of your site. The QR Solo is a great alternative to a fob/card reader - it requires no expensive or hard-to-replace access credentials and it’s also cheaper than installing a keypad. QR codes can be printed or displayed on a phone.

QR Solo

Proximity readers

Proximity card / key fob readers can be fitted for quick codeless access. For extra security you can use these in conjunction with a code.

Access via app

With BearBox, you no longer have to be in front of a keypad to open a door: you can give your customers remote control access to gates and other entrances with the "BearBox Control" app. For added security, you can limit the app's use to specific GPS coordinates.
Managers can, of course, use the BearBox website or the admin app to remotely control all doors and gates on the site.

Access via app

The BearBox Keypad

Welcome customers to your site with a sleek, modern touchscreen keypad featuring your logo and brand colours alongside customisable messaging. Rugged casing and anti-glare technology make this a reliable component in any environment. The BearBox keypad isn't just limited to touch input: you can also use a QR code or fob - you can even use Voice Over IP (VOIP) to talk directly to a customer, using the keypad to verify their identity.

The display will automatically adjust to suit ambient light conditions.

The BearBox Keypad

One-Time Password / QR code

One-Time Passcodes (OTPs) offer an alternative to MFA for increasing your site's security. A single-use passcode or a QR code is sent to your customer's email address or phone number whenever they wish to access their unit. Codes are delivered instantly, creating a seamless user experience.

Once the customer inputs or scans the code, it is invalidated, preventing the code from being stolen or shared.